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Phoenix Day Care Negligence Attorney

Premises Liability Lawyer in Phoenix

Where children at a day care facility need to be sent to the hospital with broken limbs, severed fingers or poisoning, you are rightly concerned.  Where normally bright and happy children become withdrawn, you wonder about the possibility of abuse.  A decision to sue a facility for negligence requires inquiry.  A premises liability attorney in Phoenix can assist you to learn the facts and take appropriate action for compensation.

Phoenix Premises Liability Attorney

At Freedman Law Group, we are a husband and wife team each with over 17 years legal experience.  We serve the Phoenix area with vigorous prosecution of claims for day care negligence.  When clients come to us, we conduct a careful investigation to find the cause of the injuries.  When we find evidence that facility has neglected in its duties we bring action for the injured child.  Our goal is that the child has all the compensation needed for medical care and rehabilitation to put the matter in the past and enjoy a bright future.

Day Care Neglect

Day care neglect comes in many forms. Here are a few:

  • Inadequate Staffing: A stable figure is one adult to 6 children.  When you see facilities try to get by on less supervision, you are likely to see children stray, get injured or into fights.
  • Presence of Poisons: Where the facility has dangerous cleaning products, furniture polish or oils within reach of children, it is obvious a child may get poisoned.
  •  Abuse: Some caretakers do not have the patience to look after children.  They may hit in anger or make critical and degrading remarks.  Sadly some engage in sexual abuse.
  • Dangerous Equipment:  Children of course like to play on playground equipment.  It is necessary to have a soft surface under the equipment to cushion falls.

We are committed to seeking justice for families whose children have been injured, made ill, abused or lost their lives in cases of day care negligence.

Contact Premises Liability Lawyer in Phoenix at the firm to discuss your claim for day care negligence.

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