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About Premises Liability Cases

When an individual has been injured as a result of a property owner's negligence in maintenance or safety, that property owner or manager should be held responsible for those injuries. It is a property owner's duty to make absolutely certain that their property does not pose a threat to any individual who legally enters upon the premises. Gross negligence of a visitor's safety should never be tolerated, especially if that negligence results in serious injury or egregious harm.

Injuries sustained due to negligence can severely impact a person's future by harming them both physically and financially. Injuries can keep you out of work for an extended period of time and cost you in the form of medical and continued rehabilitation or therapy costs. Due to the physical and financial damages that can result from these types of accidents, it is in your best interest to speak to an attorney to assess your situation and to begin the process of seeking compensation for your injuries. It is vital to have legal representation that is familiar with premises liability cases if you have suffered injury or have lost a loved one due to the actions or inactions of a property owner or manager.

Premises Liability Law in Arizona

Arizona law holds that the owner of a property can be held responsible for any incident or accident that happens on their property. These cases include those in which serious harm, injury, or damage affected any individual legally on their premises. This broad definition includes any attacks, assaults, accidents, animal attacks, or any other potentially harmful incident that may take place on another individual's property. Liability law also holds any kind of business or practice accountable for accidents or injurious incidents that take place on their property. One of the main objectives in developing a case involving injury sustained on another's property is to credibly and undeniably establish who should be held liable for the compensation of these injuries.

Security Negligence
One of the most common forms of premises liability claims includes security negligence. This means that if a property owner fails to maintain reasonable care for the invitees on their property, such as ensuring their safety from attacks, then they will be held responsible for the injuries a person has incurred. Security negligence plays a large role in cases where an individual is mugged, molested, or even killed on another person's property. The term property can refer to something as public as a parking structure to something as private as an invite-only charity event – an accident can happen in any place at any time. It is important that you know where to turn if you have been injured due to the negligence or lack of security on another person's property. In some cases, a property owner may even claim that your injuries did not occur on their property.

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The attorneys at Freedman & Freedman are well versed in the laws and circumstances surrounding premises liability cases. Our attorneys have ensured that justice was served and clients were compensated in cases involving, but not limited to assaults and attacks, slip and fall, trip and fall, dog bites, negligent security, day care negligence, store negligence, trespassing, and even tenant premises liability. If you have any questions at all about premises liability under Arizona premises liability law, do not hesitate to speak with one of our highly knowledgeable and experienced attorneys. Our legal team at Freedman & Freedman is committed to aggressively pursuing the maximum possible compensation for our clients.

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